Can I just use stage-plan without creating an account and for how long?

Yes you can, but, as these are usually short lived, they only last 28 days and then are automatically deleted (and we have no way to recover them).

How can I cancel my free account?

As soon as you log in, there is an option to access your account. Within this screen, there the button to delete your account.

How can I cancel my paid plan?

If the plan is free, then you simply click the clear button, which will reset your plan. If you have paid then your plan will be deleted when the subscription has expired.

See our cancel payment page.

I can't log in. I have an account but it doesn't recognise my username or password

The easiest fix is to request a password rest via the log in page. If you haven't confirmed your account, we'll detect that and re-send the confirmation email.

I no longer have access to my email address. What can I do?

Nothing. You will need to re-create with a new account. If you have made purchases, then please see our cancel payment page.


What is the difference between having an account and not?

The best way to see the differences is to visit our stage plan as it has a comparison.

Payments and privacy

What details do you store?

As little as possible, but see our privacy policy for the full details.

Do you store any credit/debit card details?

When you make a purchase, PayPal will provide some detail, but not enough that we could make a transaction. As for your credit/debit card number, no, we don't receive this and we do not ask for it. If you feel this isn't true, then please contact us and also let your bank know!


Which browser can I use?

We only test (and recommend) Chrome, but Firefox and Edge seem to work (but these are not tested). We don't even allow usage with IE or Safari... If you're not using Chrome, then do so at your own risk and please don't complain when it doesn't work! As for Chrome version, we only support the latest 2 version of Chrome.

What if something isn't working?

Then we want to know! We need to know! Please simply contact us

What if I have an idea about improving Stage Plan?

Then we want to know! Please simply contact us