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Create a stage plan for musicians

This is suitable for bands, duos, singer song writers, orchestras, DJs, anyone on tour and anyone who needs to share their stage plan with a venue, school or festival for your gig.

Use our free online stage plan builder for musicians to create the exact stage plot for your gig. After that all you need to do is send the provided URL to the engineer of the venue. You can enter your instruments, monitors, DI boxes etc, scale and rotate and provide full details of what you want.

With our paid services, you will be able to save your plot and edit at a later date, create PDFs, input lists and much more.

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See example PDF and video

Pro services for sound engineers, venues, schools and managers

This is suited to businesses who either own a venue, festival, school, fair or if you are a manager, sound engineer or booking agency who need to provide stage plots to their clients/musicians.

Use our stage plan builder for venues and managers to share plots with artists who either perform at your venue or who work with you. After you share the plot, the artist can then create their stage plot by adding musicians and equipment to the plan.

If you have a stage(s)

For any one who has a stage that artists perform on, using our pro services means you can create your stage (including stage dimensions and equipment like monitors, drum risers etc) and share it with artists who can add their equipment to your stage.

Collaborate with the artists

Our pro services let you add or remove artists access to the plots, time and time again, meaning you can share and unshare - and of course, you can always edit the plots as and when you need!.

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See example PDF and video


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Road map

  1. Tutorials Complete (see videos)
  2. Create stages and back-lines Complete for pro services
  3. Share plots with artists Complete for pro services (ideal for venues, schools, managers and booking agents)
  4. Improve PDFs for notes, set lists and hospitality rider Complete
  5. Better plot management Complete
  6. Monitor lists Complete
  7. Better support for orchestras
  8. Better support for theaters
  9. Touch screen support. Some support is complete but we recommend a keyboard and mouse!

If you have any thoughts how we can improve stage plan,
please contact us and let us know.