Cancel your plan

If you cancel your subscription, your plan will be automatically deleted from our system at the end of the period. It will remain available until then. We cannot revert the deletion.

To cancel, please log into your PayPal account or bank account and cancel the subscription direct.

For PayPal, please follow this link: Cancel subscription in PayPal

Your plan shows a token, something like SP2344234244u3h. This is the unique ID which should match the direct debit (so you know which plan to cancel if you have multiple plans).

You may wonder why you don't cancel it via Stage Plan. The reason is simple - we don't store your billing, bank or debit/credit card details. This is for your security so if we were to ever be hacked, we can't expose your details as we never had them!

Please let us know why you want to leave (or anything else) via our contact page