What is a tech rider?

Let's start with getting terms sorted. Tech rider is an overloaded term. To some, it means stage plan (or stage plot). For us, it is the entire package! Meaning, the stage plan (the diagram and layout of the instruments), any input lists or monitor lists, hospitality rider, set list, notes... Everything!

True story (appparently): For many artists, the tech rider makes up part of the legal agreement and some times, they are not read corectly. This could mean, if your tech rider was not read correctly by the venue, and the tech rider included a hospitality rider that stated dietry requirements (such allergies), then there is risk! Van Halen put a request in their tech rider, that they wanted M&M's with a certain color of M&M removed. This is a strange request, but if the venue didn't come back and ask the band about it, it would probably indicate the venue had not read the tech rider well enough!

Notes are an important section of the tech rider because you may need to set it to include the important details that do not get explained else where!

Stage Plan offers a full tech rider for those with paid services. With a free stage plan, you can still provide more information under Band Details and share the URL with the venue - but it won't be as professional (but it may be perfect for your needs).!

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