Stage Plan For Management, Engineers, Venues, Festivals and Schools

This is ideal if you want to offer a more professional service to the artists / students. This gives you, the manager, stage manager, sound engineer or teacher administrator rights so you can give your artists access to create their own plots (as well as remove access, such as when the contract is up). This is also great for sound engineers and stage managers to make live changes to the plot.

For venues, festivals and schools

You can use to share your stage with the artists who are going to perform at your venue. You build your stage, setting the dimensions, Front Of House (FoH) speakers, monitors etc. After the gig, you can remove their access, clear the plot and share it with another artist.

For booking agents and managers

You can use to manage who has access to certain plots. This means you can review the artists' final plot and make edits before you create the PDF to send to the venue.

What features do you get

  Pro service The musician who receives your stage plot
Do you/they need to create an account Yes No, they can only edit plots you give them access to
1 plot $2.99 a month No cost
5 plots $6.99 a month No cost
10 plots $8.99 a month No cost
20 plots $10.99 a month No cost
50 plots $13.99 a month No cost
Stage templates Stages are free with any purchase (create as many stages as you need) Created by the venue/school/manager
How often you pay Once a month It is free
How long does your plan last Until you cancel (cancel any time) Until the venue removes access
Get a unique stage plan URL Yes No, only the venue/manager gets the unique URL
Create stages Yes No, only the venue/manager can create stages
Create a PDF Yes No, only the venue/manager can create PDFs
Provide access to musicians to edit their plots Yes No, only the venue/manager can provide/remove access to plots
Input lists Yes, with extra options to add backline microphones, and prevent musician from editing
Decided by the venue/manager if the artist has access
If I cancel my pro service, do I lose my plots? No, but you won't be able to edit them unless you have a subscription. If you host gigs only at certain times of the year, you can cancel your subscription and your plots remain in your account. You can renew your subscription and continue with the plots you created.
Not applicable


Getting started with pro service plots


How does the service for venues, festivals, schools and manager's work?

Venue accounts

Good question - let's break it down

  • If you are a venue, you may want to first create a plot of your stage locking down equipment that the artist can't move (such as FoH speakers, monitors, drum risers etc)
  • The venue or manager shares a link of the plot with the artist, and the artist adds their performers and equipment to the plot
  • Any changes the artist makes is visible to the venue / manager
  • When the plot is no longer needed, the venue / manager can remove the sharing access
  • Repeat for other performers/artists or you can buy a few more plots to keep artists on your books for longer term.

Keep plots for bands who keep coming back

You can keep plots for returning artists, giving and removing access as you need.

Venues can amend artist's plots with their sound engineer during sound check

On the day of the gig, bands and performers often need last minute changes. Your stage manager can load the artist's Stage Plan plot on their tablet and make those changes. Since you can also share the same plot with the sound engineer, the sound engineer can see the changes that are being made by the stage manager. For example, this could result in the stage manager updating the input list, which the sound engineer can then see and so ensures the correct input channels are being used in the desk.

Real life examples of using pro service plots