Crowd, front of house


We provide all (guitar/drum/cabinet/vocal) microphones and microphone stands. Please provide drum riser if possible.

All band members use in ear monitoring. We provide our own monitor mix via a stage mixer. No stage monitors are required, unless desired by venue.

13 XLR labeled inputs are provided for FOH sound via two 8 channel XLR snakes(male) to venue stage box. Please place venue stage box to the stage right of the drums if possible.

Guitarists share solos. Solo boosts are 6-8 decibels and are already provided.

Venue to supply power drops as noted in stage plot.

Venue to supply lighting, haze/fog if possible, sound engineer, and all other reasonable expected equipment necessary for live sound support (FOH speakers/subs/mixer/main stage box, etc..)

Please feel free to contact Walt Chlysta for additional information

Thank You.

Hospitality Rider

We are grateful for any refreshments and/or food provided and are very happy to perform at your venue!!!