Crowd, front of house

Band name: Toni Swain


Member name : George Bibicos

Equipment : Keyboards

Extra details : D.I with monitor

Equipment : Monitor

Equipment : DI Box

Member name : Hamish Stuart

Equipment : Drums

Extra details : One kick, one snare, any number of toms, cymbals, high hats.

Equipment : Monitor

Member name : Mike Rix

Equipment : Double Bass

Extra details : May swap between double and electric bass

Equipment : Bass

Equipment : One cone speaker

Equipment : DI Box

Member name : Roy Payne

Equipment : Electric Guitar

Extra details : Can be mic'd up

Equipment : Two cone speaker

Member name : Toni Swain

Equipment : Vocal Microphone

Extra details : Female lead vocalist

Equipment : Acoustic Guitar

Equipment : Monitor

Equipment : DI Box

Extra details : Active acoustic guitar

Input List

Channel Instrument Mic/DI 48v Stand type Effects Send to monitor Notes