Interview with LifeCry

Interview date: 1/28/2021

Can you give us a brief history of the project?

We tried a few projects as individuals but got lucky with adverts. We realised we all wanted some thing heavy, but meldoic! And LifeCry was born!

How does the band handle mistakes during a live performance?

That's tricky as Cheryl and Liam are fairly new. Tee and Dave for about 5 years or so, Liam for a year and Cheryl, just a few months. Usually though, we simply laugh it off. There isn't much else you can do. We ensure that we're tight before we gig so we can't do much more than that.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Enjoy it. Don't be a rock star! Get the songs. Don't be afraid to restructure and take criticism. Yes it's your music, your sound but when you listen (especially to the opinion of the rest of the band) you'll often realise that the songs grow more organically. Of course, the song writing is important, but it isn't the most important. When you're not writing or practicing then keep promoting.

Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional (or any other type of) support?

Everyone who supports us. It's impossible to thank them enough!

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with songs or a demo CD etc?

Our website, and band camp... is the best place to start, or our website

Do you have any upcoming releases?

We've just released the album Second Life Lost but are already writing the next whilst we gig. It should be fun

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