Choose what plan is right for you

We offer 3 types of plans. Pro, basic and a one off quick plan.

Pro Plan

Our full featured service.

Create an account. You get a free basic plan so you can try it out first. There is always the option to buy. You can buy as many pro plans as you like but if you want multiple plans, please contact us we can understand your needs

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Basic Plan

Basic functionality - save, share, create PDFs

Create an account and get a free basic plan! You will have the option to buy a pro plan at any point.

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Plan only

(Limited to 28 days)

Limited functionality but the fastest way to get going! No need to create an account and free forever.

No option to covert to a basic or pro plan.

Create your plan and share. No option to save or edit, no input lists, no PDF and the plot lasts 28 days only.

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Cost: Free